Q: Is the oud mixed with any chemicals?

A: Our oud is totally pure and distilled from natural organic agarwood. We never add anything to it.

Q: What is the age of the oud oil?

A: All of our oils are aged for 5 years before sale.

Q: Do all of the oils smell the same?

A: They all have a unique smell, with different notes appearing throughout their progression after applying.

Q: Is the wood injected with chemicals?

A: Absolutely not.

Q: How old are the trees?

A: All of our trees are older than 60 years old.

Q: Can I return the product?

A: See the section on General Terms and Conditions.

Q: How long is delivery?

A: For wholesale orders other than the UK via EMS is 5-7 of working days and via DHL: 3-5 working days. For UK online customers, 2-3 working days and 5-7 working days for the rest of the world.

Q: How do I apply the oud?

A: You place small swipes on your wrist and rub the oil. Our oud is great for layering with contemporary aftershaves, perfumes, and colognes. 

Q: How do I purchase wholesale?

A: Contact us via the website or directly on WhatsApp below. However, the minimum order is 100ml.